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The Latest Tech Gadgets for Your Wish List

Whether you are an audiophile or fitness enthusiast, breakthroughs in technology have made 2013 one of the best years for buying the latest gadgets.

To enter further into the niche fitness bracelet market, Nike has created a product called FitBit Flex for exercise buffs. It is a comparatively priced and aesthetically pleasing accessory that monitors the number of steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned in addition to many other features. It can synch to your smart phone or Android device for easy tracking of data. What sets the FitBit Flex apart from other bracelets of this nature is that it is lighter, offers interchangeable bands, and has a more user friendly web interface.

For the frequent traveler, the next gadget is ideal. If a bag is lost by the airline or on its way to the other side of the world, the Trakdot Luggage Tracker can monitor baggage through the use of cellular technology rather than GPS. It is about the size of a person's palm and can slip into any backpack or large piece of luggage. It then sends alerts to the accompanying app, a customer's email, text, or the company's website. A traveler can even be notified when the item hits the baggage claim carousel.

Finally for the homebody, Vizio has released the M-Series 80 Inch Razor LED Smart TV that is priced less than $5,000. It has first-class features such as 3D capability and enhanced LED lighting. With an expansion from Vizio's Smart TV system, you can get Facebook, HuluPlus, Netflix and more all on your television.

Offerings like these will make 2013 a very exciting year for the latest gadgets!


How to Find the Gadgets You Want Online


In today’s market more people than ever are looking to find things online rather than go to the store and walk ar9ound. It means not having to drive, look for a parking spot and hope you find the gadget you need. There are so many different ways to save time and shopping on line is just one of them. It does not matter what you need—you will find it quicker and easier if you order online. Remember, you can shop at 3 a.m. on Christmas morning when you buy all of the tools and other items you need online.

The online community of shoppers has grown tremendously in the past decade. Many people remember when online shopping was limited to order through their local Internet provider ad having the cost added to their monthly bill. The online shopping options have evolved a great deal since then and there are very few retailers today that do not offer online shopping.
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